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Laura ‎ – Oct 31, 2011
BEAUTIFUL JOB ON FRYES. Went here to get my Frye’s re-soled and they did an amazing job. My Frye’s are worth more than I am and I think they look even better than before. They had multiple options for what to re-sole them with. I went with the cheapest option and they look great. Would highly recommend

Alexandra F.
This is the best shoe repair shop in the world. I sent my Pradas from New York and had them back in a week UPS. They are 1/2 NYC prices and twice as competent. Their website looks like a madison avenue company designed it. The quality of leather work is the best. I have had my shoes messed up before…thankfully I found Perrys in Boulder Colorado.

Jack3d ‎ – Jul 22, 2011
My boots are my livelihood. I work out in the mountains Monday through Thursday and when a rivet broke free from my La Sportiva boots I tried to have a shoe repair shop do it. EPIC FAIL. Then I found Perry’s. George is a certified cobbler recommended by La Sportiva to work on their products. I explained that I could not leave them at the shop because i have to leave for work on Monday morning. He said he could fix it, and fix it he did, I drove from wheat ridge and Im not sorry. If I move, I will send my boots to him. Thank you for the quick and effective repair.

Tonmeister ‎ – Dec 10, 2010
I wanted a zipper on a tote bag repaired or replaced. An alterations business (which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) quoted me $25 and three days to replace it. Due to the incompetence of another alterations business, I ended up at Perry’s, who repaired (did not replace) it in 10 minutes for $8. Competent, honest, helpful, no-nonsense, old-school skilled craftsman. A lucky find. A refreshing, outstanding presence in a field of dithering, overpriced nitwits.

Louise ‎ – Dec 7, 2010
Wonderful family owned/operated store! Great prices, excellent service! I highly recommend Perry’s.
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Darcy Rae J.
Really the best. The customer service is great. They are really honest about what they can do. I have gotten everything from suede cleaning, resole -ing, scuff repair, boot stretching. ETC. Really love this place.



Boot lovers might be the only ones who can spot this locally owned gem from Walnut street itself.  The shoe repair store is located inside a building, and you can only see the store by pressing your face up against the window and looking through the entry way.

The front window and door only give you about a 4-foot sneak beat of the pretty-well stocked collection of Frye Boots.  Oh how I love my Frye Boots… Handmade and each pair individual from the other….True Cowgirl beauties.

Perry’s also specializes in all or any of your shoe repair needs… need to stretch out your shoes or fix that broken heel?  How about adding some lifts or a new sole?  Even adding on taps to the tap shoes… Perry’s does it all and all for a good price.

* Star uno for being locally owned and operated for the past three generations
** Mr. Star two is for selling Frye boots, which can be found almost anywhere, but not as big as a selection as here
*** Here is star three, he is here for Perry’s fast turn-around service and friendly staff
**** Mr. last star number four is for Perry’s decent prices

Our fifth star was stripped due to lack of street visibility and horrible parking options.

Mercedes P.
Perry’s has moved! They are now located on 15th street-about two blocks south from the main post office in Boulder. They are next door to Art’s Cleaners. There is usually plenty of parking up front. No more issues with downtown parking!

I’ve been going to Perry’s for years and I love this store. Thank you that there is still someone around who repairs shoes and does an excellent job. Most of these little stores are being driven away by high rents and our throw away culture. Perry’s is staffed by true craftsmen! If you own nice leather shoes that you’d like to keep for years, Perry’s is the place to help you keep your foot wardrobe in working order.

Perry’s is also handy if you’d like to add an extra grommet to a belt because you’ve lost a little weight or repair some tears on a leather jacket. Of course, they also do the regular shoe repair stuff-stretch those boots (if you’ve got bicycle calves like me), resole and polish shoes, add heel protectors, moisture proof leather, stretch shoes, repair a broken heel.

Sells Frye boots (though the selection I saw was for men), custom products like handmade leather vests, and all sorts of shoe care goods like laces, polishes, leather creams.

Perry’s is the kind of place a girl needs to keep in her little black service book for looking good-right next to a good seamstress, hairdresser, and manicurist!


  • Ann Scarboro (12 years)

    I love going into Perry’s – I know I will get excellent repairs (shoes, suitcases, boots), the shop carries a good selection of my favorite Smartwool socks – AND everyone in the whole family is most pleasant to be with. Ann

  • Donna W. (12 years)

    I had topy soles put on some leather-soled dance shoes and they look and wear great. Very happy with the quality.

  • Laurie Johnson (8 years)

    Hi I am more than happy with the quality work Perry’s awesome shoes has done for me on my frye boots, birkenstocks, zippers in my ariat paddock boots & my shoes my new pup wrangled! Thank you for the wonderful service 20 years for me!!
    I used to live in Winter Park, Co. now i am in the Champlain Islands in Vermont! Thank you or your mail repair service!
    Laurie J.

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