Old Friend Slippers

“Old Friend does not mass-produce its footwear. Our designs use first quality materials and every pair is hand made for comfort and durability. We continue to innovate providing wide width sizes, arch support, and heel shock reduction options. Old Friend combines layers of sheepskin, plush foam and thick, rebounding neoprene to prove comfort like never before in a boot insole. The combination of cushioning materials eases downward pressure on the ball of the foot, and an extra layer of neoprene at the heel helps minimize heel shock. ”



  • #1 written by Bruce Singleton
    about 10 years ago

    Do you resole the Old Friend sheepskin moccasins with the rubber bottoms??? These are the slippers in the center shown on your home page.

    • #2 written by Perry's Shoe Shop
      about 10 years ago

      Can you send us a picture of the bottom of your soles or bring them by the shop if you live in Boulder? Most likely we can, but some are too worn out and unfortunetly sometimes it is just more cost efficient to buy new. Most our model are about $58 some less, some more. For us to resole would be atleast $40. Feel free to send us a picture at our email, perrysshoe@comcast.net and we will let you know what we can do and what we recommend. Thanks & we look forward to hearing from you!

  • #3 written by Laurie Johnson
    about 3 years ago

    Hi Love your repairs for years! Happy Holidays!
    This is Laurie I am sending my Bjorn(old friend) leather slide for a stitch- 2″ on seam side of mule type shoe. thank you
    802-378-5058 or 802-372-1988

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